At Oda Lab, we pride ourselves on offering personalized and responsive service. Our established best practices deliver an overarching governance structure for your project that creates a solid project foundation, clear communication and risk mitigation processes. Our number one priority is to create the best possible environment for a successful execution and delivery of your project. The goal is to have our team become an extension of your company and work as partners for your success.

We strive to be a holistic, socially conscious enterprise, which means that the products and business solutions we put out into the world must align with our core values – generating profits while enhancing the lives of individuals and strengthening communities.

Tech Lab: Design & Development

We specialize in web and mobile applications development, product design and digital strategy – delivering end-to-end solutions to our clients and consumers globally. Our multidisciplinary team consists of computer scientists, graphic designers, marketing specialists, business strategists and human factors researchers, which enable us to form a deeper understanding of industry pain-points and formulate comprehensive, transformational solutions.

Whether building your App or designing your website, you want to make sure that it represents your company’s values and is easy to use. There are a lot of questions to consider before you even start thinking about layout, content, etc. Our design and development process makes it easy and affordable. We will guide you through the process of answering the important questions about your product or business and assemble these aspirations into a design that engages personally with your customers. Our experienced designers and developers work closely together to insure your vision becomes a reality.

Research Lab: Usability & Validation

Whether you are building an app or a website, it is important to make sure that the product is in line with your company values and brand, but is also easy to use. There are several questions to consider before you even start thinking about design, content, or tech development. Our research team will guide you through the process of answering these important questions and provide user-driven insights that will enable you to build a product that truly resonates with your customers.

Usability research and system validation testing are foundational aspects of the development cycle that will ensure the technology is intuitive and stable across systems and devices. Our team can also assist you with user acceptance testing and validation services for regulated industries such as Pharmaceuticals.

Innovation Lab: Modeling Ideas

Our Innovation Lab is always buzzing with creativity. Let us into your world and witness how we can help you light up your idea. Whether it’s your product or your service, our team of designers and product strategists can help distill the essence of your concept and elevate it into reality. We utilize participatory design methods to bring your customers into the design process to ensure that the final product speaks to their needs and aspirations.