GOOGLE has introduced some impressive changes to its popular Maps application, which are bound to make motorists very happy.


TECH giant Google has introduced some impressive changes to its highly popular Maps application, which are bound to make drivers very happy.

According to Android Police, the recently released Google Maps 9.34 beta has a number of new features likely to be included in the next permanent update.


A highly impressive feature that promises to revolutionise the parking experience when visiting an unfamiliar area could be rolled out in the next update.

It would work by offering people text-based alerts, which would be used to inform motorists to parking shortages at their destination.

The text would offer three categories to indicate parking availability — easy, medium, and hard.

As Google can’t actively track open spaces, it is likely the service will be based on the total number of spaces available in given area and possible variables like time of day or specific events at the location.


In an attempt to improve the overall user experience of its mapping product, Google will introduce a new feature called “keep map north up”.

The feature is pretty self explanatory and will force Navigation mode to launch with the compass locked so that North is pointing up at all times.

Another impressive component of this feature the developers could include is added accidental swipe protection, which will remove the confusion that comes when you send your map into mayhem with one wrong touch of the screen.

If someone causes the map to move accidentally, it will go back to the user’s current location or the position of an upcoming turn.

Of course, these features can disabled and the map can remain in free rotation mode.


For those unaware Google has a Local Guides program — a global community of explorers sharing their discoveries such as restaurants, bars and cafes on Google Maps.

The feature helps keep Google Maps up-to-date, but previously people had no idea if their submissions had been accepted.

While not hugely important to a number of users, those in the loop can know see the status of the contributions they have submitted.

For those interested, the status will show “approved”, “pending”, “not applied” or “unknown”.



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